How to Use the interactive bill : 
Hover over any area of the bill to see a detailed explanation.

<U><b>ACCOUNT NUMBER:</b></U> Customer account number; the first six digits are the physical location of the DES service account, and the second six digits are your customer ID number. <U><b>CUSTOMER NAME:</b></U><b> </b>Customer name on the account. <U><b>SERVICE ADDRESS:</b></U><b> </b>Physical address on the account. <U><b>DAYS BILLED:</b></U><b> </b>Number of days in this billing cycle. <U><b>METER READING DATE:</b></U> Date the meter was read for this bill. <U><b>PAST DUE AFTER:</b></U><b> </b>Date payment must be received in our office before a penalty is applied. <U><b>SERVICE:</b></U><b> </b>Description of services and products being billed: Metered Electric Service, Outdoor Light, Surge Protector, Heat Pump Loan, Green Power Switch, and other service fees or charges. <U><b>PRESENT READING:</b></U> Meter reading for current bill. <U><b>PREVIOUS READING:</b></U> Meter reading for previous bill. <U><b>AMOUNT USED:</b></U><b> </b>Amount of Kilowatt hours used this billing cycle. <U><b>AMOUNT:</b></U> Amount of charges on this bill for all services and fees. <U><b>TOTAL CURRENT CHARGES:</b></U><b> </b>Total amount of this new bill. <U><b>AMOUNT FROM PREVIOUS BILL:</b></U><b> </b>Any amount you owe for previous bill, including past due amounts. <U><b>LATE CHARGES ADDED:</b></U><b> </b>Any late charges added for previous bill not paid before Due Date.</p> <U><b>PAYMENTS & ADJUSTMENTS:</b></U> Any payments received after last bill. <U><b>OTHER DEBITS/CREDITS:</b></U> Any other adjustments to bill amounts. <U><b>BALANCE FORWARD:</b></U><b> </b>Amount you owe for any unpaid bills and fees, less any payments or adjustments since last bill. <U><b>CURRENT CHARGES:</b></U> Total amount you owe for this bill. <U><b>TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:</b></U><b> </b>Total amount you owe for any outstanding balance unpaid plus this new bill. <U><b>DES MESSAGES:</b></U> Special messages about your specific bill or general messages from DES about services, programs, etc. <U><b>COMPARE YOUR USAGE:</b></U> Shows your Kilowatt hour usage, days billed, and bill amount for current bill, compared to last month’s bill and bill for the same month one year ago. <U><b>CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NO:</b></U><b> </b>Customer account number; the first six digits are the physical location of the DES service account, and the second six digits are your customer ID number. <U><b>PREVIOUS BALANCE:</b></U> Outstanding balance remaining from last bill. <U><b>CURRENT BILL:</b></U> Amount of current bill. <U><b>NET AMOUNT DUE:</b></U> Amount of current bill plus any previous balance. This is the amount currently owed to DES. <U><b>DUE DATE FOR CURRENT BILL ONLY:</b></U> Date current bill must be paid before late charges will be applied. <U><b>LATE CHARGES:</b></U> Amount of late charges that will be added to your account if your payment is not received by the Due Date. <U><b>GROSS AMOUNT DUE AFTER PAST DUE DATE:</b></U> Total amount that will be due if payment is not paid before the due date and late charges are applied to the account. <U><b>PROJECT HELP:</b></U><b> </b>To donate $1.00 per month to help pay electric bills for customers in need, simply check the box on your payment slip.  You may discontinue this contribution at any time by contacting our Customer Service department at (615)446-9051. <U><b>MAILING INFORMATION:</b></U><b> </b>Customer name and mailing address where bill is sent. <U><b>DES MAILING INFORMATION:</b></U> DES street address and mailing address for payments.