Levelized Billing:

Levelized billing is designed to help our customers avoid large fluctuations in their monthly electric bill. It keeps your electric bill predictable and helps you to accurately anticipate your monthly payment amount. With levelized billing, your monthly electric bill is a rolling average of your usage for the past 12 months. Because levelized billing uses a rolling average, your monthly bill will vary slightly each month. Levelized billing is ideal for customers who budget their household bills, and it is a great way to avoid unexpectedly large bills due to extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures.

In order to qualify for levelized billing, you must be a DES customer for 12 months at the same location and be current on your electric bill. Click here for our Levelized Billing application. For more information, contact our Bookkeeping Department at (615) 446-9051.

Easy Pay:

Our newest option for residential customers is Easy Pay! This is a pay-as-you-go electric service that functions similarly to the way your gas tank in your car works. You make payments throughout the month and those payments purchase electricity for you to use. As your balance gets low, you make additional payments to "refill" your account. This option features a free user-friendly app for your smartphone that provides specific information to your account. You may also sign up for text or email alerts so you always know your account status. This is a wonderful option for customers who want to avoid paying a large security deposit based on your credit history, and the debt recovery feature allows customers who owe an old bill to get service immediately by applying a small percentage of each payment made toward the past due balance until the balance is paid in full. For more information or to sign up for Easy Pay, contact our office today! Some restrictions may apply.