Outdoor Lighting

Enhance the safety of your home or business. Lease outdoor dusk-to-dawn lighting installed on existing or added DES service poles, with monthly charges added to your electric bill.

Requires completion of a two-year Application-Contract by residential property owner or business owner/tenant, and payment of $25 application fee.

Terms and prices are subject to change at any time, without notice.

Cost: Charges for outdoor lights change on a monthly basis, and some installations may be subject to up-front construction fees, and/or monthly pole charges.

Process: Contact our Residential Energy Advisor to obtain an Application and Contract for Outdoor Light Service. After receiving the completed Application and $25 application fee, we will schedule a meeting at your property to determine the most effective location and light model. Most installations take place within one to four weeks. Monthly lease rates are not locked in by the contract.

Service: To request repairs on existing DES outdoor lighting, please call our Construction department (615) 446-9051 and select option 6, or email energyadvisor@dicksonelectric.com.  Please advise if fixture is broken, does not come on at night, stays on all day, or only works occasionally.  If available, provide pole and or OL ID# (tags attached to pole). 

Change Light Fixture: To request changes to fixture model or location of existing DES outdoor lighting (additional fees may be required), please contact our Residential Energy Advisor.

For more information or to request an Application, please visit or contact our Residential Energy Advisor by phone (615) 441-6316, or email energyadvisor@dicksonelectric.com.