Home Energy Evaluations

Dickson Electric System is pleased to partner with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to offer advice and assistance to help make your home as energy efficient as possible.


Registering with eScore provides you with advice, quality assurance, and rebates for installing energy efficient upgrades to your home, as well as certified contractors to perform upgrades including attic insulation, window or door replacement, heat and air tune-up, heat pump replacement, and more!   You schedule installation at your own pace and receive rebates for qualifying measures, some of which provide annual rebates.

On-bill financing is available for qualifying homeowners on many of the energy upgrades, including heat pump replacement!.

Qualifier: Single-family residence with electric service for a minimum of one year prior to evaluation.
Participant must be the property owner of record.

Process: Register online to view the program details and contractor list at www.2eScore.com or Call 1-855-2eScore (1-855-237-2673).
                You decide on one of two methods to reach your eScore of 10:
                Contractor path:  select contractors from the list to complete work, and submit for rebates.
                Pre-evaluation path:  schedule a $75 evaluation to determine the needed energy-efficient upgrades, then select contractors.

To request a program brochure, loan application, printed contractor list, or for more details on program terms and financing options, please contact eScore as noted above, or the Dickson Electric Residential Energy Advisor by phone (615) 441-6316, or email energyadvisor@dicksonelectric.com.



On the eScore page you also have an option to complete the eScore Self Audit.  You will need to provide your name, address, and contact information, and answer questions about the type of home foundation, roof, doors and windows, heating and cooling, lighting, water heating, and appliances. TVA will send you a personalized report of energy-saving advice based on your answers, and a free energy conservation kit containing CFL light bulbs, outlet and switchplate gaskets, faucet aerators, and more.

Cost: FREE!

Process: Go to www.2eScore.com and select the Start Self Audit button.

All program terms are subject to change at any time, without notice.