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Energy Right Solutions for Youth (ERSY)

Dickson Electric System is very excited to offer this program to local educators, youth groups, and individuals working primarily with children in the 3-5 grades.  Lesson plans are available at no charge, and can be downloaded and customized to suit any group’s lesson focus for any age group.

Energy Right Solutions for Youth – PDF Download of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS); PDF Download of ERSY Brochure

Click here to watch the video – Program Video Link

ERSY Lesson Plans: Lesson 1 Energy Fundamentals – PDF Download of Lesson 1 (7 Segments)
ERSY Lesson Plans: Lesson 2 Energy Generations – PDF Download of Lesson 2 (5 Segments)
ERSY Lesson Plans: Lesson 3 Uses of Energy – PDF Download of Lesson 3 (6 segments)

Lesson Plan Set 1:  Energy Fundamentals

1.1      Energy and its Forms

1.2      The Law of Conservation of Energy

1.3      Chemical Energy

1.4      Kinetic Energy

1.5      Radiant Energy

1.6      Thermal Energy

1.7      Electrical Energy

Lesson Plan Set 2:  Energy Generation

2.1      Non-Renewable Energy Generation

2.2      Renewable and Alternative Energy Generation

2.3      Energy Delivery

2.4      Energy Costs

2.5      Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Lesson Plan Set 3:  Uses of Energy

3.1      History of Energy

3.2      Ways to Use Energy

3.3      Electrical Circuits

3.4      Nature of Light

3.5      Heating

3.6      Electromagnets

Electrical Safety Presentation

Electrical safety and energy efficiency are a vital part of educating our youth, and something they take home to apply to daily life.  Dickson Electric System continues their commitment to providing this information to elementary students in the Kindergarten – 5 Grade level with an exciting live presentation.

• Our energized PowerTOWN model grabs the student’s attention with the sight and sound of electrical arcs to demonstrate how electricity travels, the hazards, and how to be safe around electricity indoors and out.

• Adult hosts and students are provided gift bags with activity booklets about electrical safety and saving energy, magnets, stickers, and other gift items.

• Brochures are also available at the adult level on electrical safety, power outages, and being prepared for emergencies.

We welcome requests from teachers, youth education groups, clubs, or other organizations that may be interested in an electrical safety demonstration.  Please contact:

Residential Energy Advisor at (615) 441-6316 or energyadvisor@dicksonelectric.com.


Electrical Safety

Energy Saving Tips