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Renewable Energy

TVA Green Power Switch

Support renewable energy in the Tennessee Valley. Your voluntary purchase of GPS will be added to your monthly electric bill. Your renewable energy purchase will help develop renewable energy through the installation of solar, wind, and biomass systems right here in the valley.

Cost: Green Power Switch is sold in blocks of 150 kwh for $4.00 per block. Residential and small commercial business customers may purchase as few blocks as desired. Large commercial and industrial customers will be required to purchase a minimum number of blocks based on their energy demand contract. All customers who purchase GPS do so voluntarily, and for as long as they wish, as there is not a contract.

For more information or to enroll online in Green Power Switch, go to  www.tva.com/Energy/Valley-Renewable-Energy, or call (866) 673-4340. The website includes a Green Power Calculator to determine the number of GPS blocks needed to replace your household’s energy use with renewable energy. Replace all of your usage with renewable energy or just a portion, the choice is yours. While you are visiting the GPS site, take a moment to discover how your purchase of GPS will benefit the environment.

TVA Green Power Providers (GPP) – Solar and More

Make your mark on the environment by installing your own renewable solar, wind, or biomass generating system. The Green Power Providers program pays premium rates for green energy generated by these systems. To qualify for payments for your generation you must meet Dickson Electric System (DES) and TVA guidelines.

Cost: Customers should obtain quotes from selected contractors for specific generation systems that meet TVA requirements. Customers pay for 100% of the system cost, including any DES system upgrades needed to install the system.

 All systems must be pre-approved with DES and TVA prior to any installation, and you will need to complete a contract with TVA and TES for the purchase of the power generated.

Program information is found online at www.tva.com/Energy/Valley-Renewable-Energy, including Frequently Asked Questions, and a Tennessee Valley solar calculator that estimates the cost and payback of installing a system in the valley. If you want to apply for the program, please complete the application while at the site via the online application link.

For more information, please visit or contact DES by email keyaccounts@dicksonelectric.com or by phone (615) 441-6346.

DES does not guarantee project approval or availability of program funds or purchase rates for generated power.

Program availability, terms, and premium power purchase rates are subject to change at any time, without notice, but are locked in when the contract requirements are met.