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Your Account

Your Account Number

Your account number has two parts: 2xxxxxx-1xxxxxx. The first six numbers are the physical account location, and the second six numbers are your customer identification number.

Your Meter

DES has installed an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system that allows us to electronically read meters from our Dickson office, as well as remotely turn electric service on and off.

Many people have questions concerning the accuracy of their electric meter. It is important to note that your meter is a precision measuring device, and the AMI system has an even greater degree of accuracy than all meters before it. We encourage customers to carefully study your electric bills, focusing on not just the cost of your monthly electric bill, but the monthly usage. Compare that usage with that of previous months, especially within the same season. It is common among all electric customers to have higher usage (and thus, larger bills) when temperatures are very low or very high.

In addition to increased usage during hot or cold months, another factor that leads to higher electric bills is TVA’s seasonal rates, which are slightly higher during the summer and winter months due to the increased cost to produce electricity when demand is up.

To view a sample bill, click here. If you have additional questions concerning your meter, contact our Meter Department at (615) 446-9051.

Due Date

Your payment is due to DES office no later than 15 days after the mailing date. This date will be shown on your bill as the due date, as well as the past-due penalty that will be applied to your bill one day after the payment due date.

Past Due

One past-due notice will be delivered by mail, and a $5 collection fee will be added to the past-due amount for the delivery of that notice. Service will be disconnected 10 days after the payment due date if the bill remains unpaid, and a fee for reconnecting your service will be added to the amount due.

Billing and Payment History

Printouts of your billing history can be obtained at our office for a small fee. Visit our Cashiers or contact our Bookkeeping Department at 615.446.9051 for details.

Payment Assistance

Project Help: You may choose to have $1 added to your monthly bill to provide assistance to customers who are struggling to pay their electric bill. To sign up to donate, simply check the box that appears on your payment stub. You may cancel this at any time. One hundred percent of all Project Help funds are distributed directly to three organizations that screen and qualify applicants:

Dickson County Help Center, Dickson: (615) 441-0076

Helping Hands of Hickman County, Lyles: (931) 670-1008

The Ark Community Resource and Assistance Center, Kingston Springs: (615) 952-2527

In addition to the Project Help agencies listed above, we have a list of other agencies and local churches that offer assistance. Please contact our Collections Department for more information on payment assistant programs and organizations.

You can also contact the following county agencies that administer federal funds from the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP.)


Dickson County
Highland Rim Economic Corporation
(615) 446-2476
705B Colonial Village, Dickson

Cheatham County
Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency
(615) 792-3632
296 Frey Street #4, Ashland City

Hickman County
South Central Human Resource Agency
(931) 729-5921
101 College Street, Centerville

Houston County
Highland Rim Economic Corporation
(931) 289-4101
213 College Street, Erin

Montgomery County
Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Action Agency
(931) 648-5774
350 Pageant Lane #307, Clarksville